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WTime CrystalsEdit

Time Crystals are premium Gems that can be used to save time when you craft something or sleep. You can use those to upgrade the portal, build gem pickaxes, obtain materials immediately, and warp in new Blockheads. You can buy packs of Time Crystals online. You can also get them for free if you like this game on Facebook or share a link of this game on Facebook.

As of the 1.3 update (the huge update ) for timecrystals, you can also watch videos of apps to earn 20 time crystals each video you watch. (It runs out after a few times).

When you buy time crystals online, they come in 4 groups.

Name: Amount: Price:

Age of crystals 200 Time Crystals $0.99 Epoch of crystals 1200 Time Crystals $4.99 Era of crystals 3000 Time Crystals $9.99 Eon of crystals 10000 Time Crystals $24.99

Time Crystal OreEdit

You can also obtain Time Crystals in mines. These ores shine brightly as gems. They are rare and mining it you receive 3 Time Crystals. With a Gem pickaxe, you can multiply your rewards.

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