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Tailor's bench

The Tailor's bench is used to make all types of clothing.

Crafting a Tailor's Bench Edit

To craft one, you will need a Workbench Level 2. To get one of these, you get a piece of dirt and use it to warp in a Workbench Level 1. Then you must upgrade it. Once you have done that, you can click on your Workbench and click the green button. Then scroll over until you find the Tailor's bench. You will need 1 stone and 5 Flax. Once you make it, place and you can get to work. There's a level 2 version of the Tailor's Bench, which allows you to now craft with Leather and Fur as well with Soft Beds.

Crafting with a Tailor's BenchEdit

Name Description Picture Need
Linen For Clothing Coming Soon 5 Flax
Linen Pants Protect your legs Coming Soon 2 Linen
Linen Shirt Hide from sun or snow Coming Soon 3 Linen
Linen Cap Styley Coming Soon 1 Linen
Linen Brimmed Hat Shade from the sun Coming Soon 1 Linen
Level 2 Upgrade Unlock new things to craft Coming Soon 1 Leather
Leather Jacket Keeps you dry in the rain Coming Soon 5 Leather
Leather Boots Run Faster Coming Soon 2 Leather
Leather Pants Pants Upgrade Coming Soon 3 Leather
Fur Coat Warms you up Coming Soon 5 Fur
Fur Boots

Soft Bed

Walk fast in snow

Blockheads will sleep faster

Coming Soon 2 Fur

1 Wooden Bed, 3 Linen and 5 Dodo Feathers