• New World
  • Character Creation
  • Workbench
  • Blockhead
  • Double-Time
  • Time Crystals
When initially starting, the first thing you will see on your screen is the portal. Clicking on the portal allows you to create your first Blockhead. After that, it will allow you to craft high powered tools, spawn in extra resources, buy more Time Crystals, and more. 

You can also make extra portals to place around the world with a level 2 work bench.

Item Cost In-game Description Portal Rank
Workbench 1 Dirt good thing to have Starter
Blockhead 50-200 Time Crystals, 5 fruit items Warp in up to 5 Blockheads! Starter
Double-Time $3.00 Permanently doubles craft speed and halves rush cost for all crafting in worlds. Starter
Time Crystals Varies Purchase Time Crystals and save time. Starter
Amethyst Upgrade 1 Amethyst, 20 Time Crystals Unlock new things to craft. Starter
Amethyst Pickaxe 5 Amethyst, 20 Time Crystals Get double from mining! Amethyst
Sapphire Upgrade 1 Sapphire, 40 Time Crystals Unlock new things to craft. Amethyst
Sapphire Pickaxe 5 Sapphires, 40 Time Crystals Get triple from mining! Sapphire
Emerald Upgrade 1 Emerald, 60 Time Crystals Unlock new things to craft. Sapphire
Emerald Pickaxe 5 Emeralds, 60 Time Crystals Get 4x from mining! Emerald
Ruby Upgrade 1 Ruby, 80 Time Crystals Unlock new things to craft Emerald
Ruby Pickaxe 5 Rubies, 80 Time Crystals Get 5x from mining! Ruby
Diamond Upgrade 1 Diamond, 100 Time Crystals Unlock new things to craft. Ruby
Diamond Pickaxe 5 Diamonds, 100 Time Crystals Get 6x from mining! Diamond
Golden Bed 1 Gold Block, ???, 100 Time Crystals Be rested in no time! Diamond
Portal Chest 1 Golden Chest, 1 Portal, 100 Time Crystals Store things across worlds. Diamond