carrots at first stage of growth


mango tree

This is a list of all the different trees and crops in the game. Edit

I think a list or table is much easier to navigate than having a separate page for each entry.


Trees can be grown by planting its corresponding crop into dirt, and produces items that can be harvested without destroying the plant itself. You can also use a Machete to harvest sticks from the foliage or an axe to harvest Wood from its trunk.

Pine TreeEdit

These trees drop pinecones which can be used for fuel in Campfires. Dropbears can also be found at the top of fully mature trees.

Maple Tree

Coconut TreeEdit

drops coconuts and sometimes is found in flying islands

Mango TreeEdit

Mangos can be eaten. Can also be used to make Orange pigments from a Press.

Orange TreeEdit

Orange trees produce oranges which can be eaten. Can also be used to warp in more Blockheads.

Apple TreeEdit

Produces apples which can be eaten.

Coffee BushEdit

Produces coffee cherries, which can be eaten or crafted into Green Coffee Beans. A key ingredient for making coffee. \


Crops can be planted in the ground and often must be re-planted after harvest. They have 3 stages of growth.


Carrots can be planted in the ground or used to craft a Carrot on a Stick to tame Donkeys.


Flax plants drop Flax (when digged) and Flax seeds.  Flax can be used for making clothes


Sunflowers drop Sunflower seeds which can be eaten or pressed into Oil.

it can be used ti spawn blockheads and if your blockhead eats too many chilies(more than 2) smoke will start to rise from your blockhead's head.Edit