Dirt is a very common resource found almost anywhere on the top five or ten blocks. A portal can turn one dirt block into a workbench, which is the used to make other benches for crafting. Digging a dugout in dirt is a good idea for your first home in a new world. Or, if you spawn near a hill, you can burrow into the hill and use the ground surface for shelter! Although dirt may seem useless, it makes a great starter building block! Great for your blockhead's first house! And, dugouts make perfect temporary homes/checkpoints when you're traveling! And, if you warp in another blockhead while the other is journeying, dugouts are PERFECT if you want the newly warped in blockhead to catch up to the other! Your blockheads could help eachother!

If you mine dirt with a spade, there is a chance that the dirt block will also drop one worm. If you live in a place where food is scarce, eat the worms to keep your hunger bar from becoming empty!





Where to find:

On surface

Makes: Workbench