A coffee cherry is a renewable resource food item that can be planted, consumed (note, as of version 1.7 eating coffee cherries gives a stackable speed boost, as well as energy), or used in crafting.



The coffee cherry appears as a small round magenta fruit.

Where FoundEdit

Coffee cherry are typically found in the equatorial biome growing on coffee cherry trees. They are a late Summer crop.


Coffee cherry grow seasonally on coffee trees and are harvested by hand. Agriculturally, the fruit can be placed in a block of dirt or compost to grow a coffee tree for farming additional coffee cherry.

The coffee tree takes the longest time to grow into a full-grown tree, and the fruit it bears also takes the longest time to bear out of all the fruit trees. It takes approximately 4-6 day and night cycles to spawn coffee cherries after the initial planting.


The coffee cherry is edible restoring health, hunger, and energy to a blockhead. It restores the most energy out of all the foods (excluding coffee) and gives a stackable speed boost. It is the only fruit that can be eaten repeatedly with no limit. This is because the energy bar constantly decreases at every frame rate so the energy bar is never filled to the maximum for more than a split second of eating, therefore, since there is always a missing gap of energy, no matter how many coffee cherry are eaten the energy bar in its integral digits will never be full.

Initially eating coffee cherries will replenish a blockhead energy bar into green. Once full, it can over-eat to set its energy bar into the yellow stage to represent an 'excess' of energy levels. There is a cap of excess energy levels, meaning over-eating (eg. spam-eating 99 cherries) does not grant the blockhead supreme levels of energy lasting days, but instead will fill the energy bar equivalent to waking up from using a bed to full yellow bar of energy.

Over-eating coffee cherries will not set a blockhead's energy levels into hyper-drive beyond the yellow energy bar.


The coffee cherry can be processed in a press to produce a green coffee bean which is the beginning of the process to create coffee, an energy filling, speed boosting drink. The next steps are crafting a cup at a Kiln, roasting the green bean at an Electric Stove, and then using those two items with a bucket of water at the Electric Stove to make coffee.