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Category Tool
Use Storage
Location/Made On Crafted
Needs 5 Stick
Stackable No
"Carry more stuff."

The basket is a crafted item used to expand one primary inventory slot to hold four stacks of items rather than only one. It is created by many players at the beginning of the game in order to allow a blockhead to hold more items.


A basket appears as a brown, upwards-facing crescent with the appearance of woven sticks and shading suggesting a hollow opening on its upper surface. There is a semicircular handle of the same quality attached to its top.

Where FoundEdit

A blockhead will spawn with one basket.

A basket can also be crafted at a craft bench of any level. It requires five sticks per basket to craft.

Some, or most, of this page's contents was copied from The Blockheads Wiki at
Location Input Item 1 Input Item 2 Input Item 3 Input Item 4 Crafted Output
Craft Bench Stick + + + = Basket
Stick [[]] [[]] [[]] Basket
Quantity 5 {{{Qty2}}} {{{Qty3}}} {{{Qty4}}} 1
Rush Cost
0.5 TC
0.25 TC


If in a primary inventory slot, a basket can be expanded in three ways: by tapping the inventory hand, by tapping the basket slot itself, or by using a chest or other container. Upon tapping the hand or using a chest, all baskets in a primary slot will open; upon tapping an inventory slot, only that basket will open. Baskets may close after a delay, tapping a stored item, some drag-and-drop actions, or deselecting the in-use chest (but will remain open during any drag-and-drops or idle time while the chest is open).

Up to four stacks of items can be stored in each basket. A basket can be moved into another basket or a chest and all items within it will remain. However, the basket will not be usable until it is put into a primary slot.


Baskets cannot be stacked.

If no inventory slots are open and any primary slot doesn't contain a basket, a new basket will displace the contents of the highest primary slot that doesn't have a basket, take that slot, and deposit the slot's former contents into the right-most slot in the basket.

Having a basket in each of a blockhead's seven base inventory slots will expand its number of available slots to 28, an addition of 21.