Amethyst is a rare ore used to upgrade your Portal or create an Amethyst Pickaxe .

Type: Gemstone
Used for: See Portal
Found in: Caves
Rarity: Common

The Amethyst is a fairly common gem found in caves which emits a small amount of dim light for a few blocks.


The Amethyst is used to craft:

-The Amethyst upgrade at the portal (1 amethyst, 20 Time Crystals);

-Amethyst Pickaxe (5 Amethysts, 20 Time Crystals);

-Amesthyst Chandeler (5 Glass, 10 Amethysts);


Amethysts are fairly common and can easily be found in a cave. They appear to be floating when first seen and can be mined as you would pick up an item, it will then make a loud chime noise. Amethysts can also be obtained using a Gold Pickaxe on rocks, such as Stone and Limestone.