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Fish Bucket


分類  :カテゴリ:ツール
使用用途 栽培
入手方法 Fish
ニーズ Tin Bucket
スタック できる (99)

A fish bucket is a bucket containing a fish.


A fish bucket generally resembles other types of buckets, but with light blue for water and an orange and white fish tail protruding. (A shark bucket shows a different colored tail, a bucket of water shows no tail, and an empty bucket shows black shadow.)


Fish can be caught by tapping the bucket on the fish. The fish in the bucket goes into the Blockhead's inventory. Depending on the location tapped, water may also be removed from the location tapped.


When emptied by tapping on an open location, an empty bucket is returned to the Blockhead's inventory. A fish and block of water are placed in the location tapped.

The only known uses for a fish bucket are transporting a fish to a new location and looking interesting on a shelf.