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Copper Bow & Arrows


分類  :カテゴリ:ツール
使用用途 Weapon
入手方法  :カテゴリ:ツール
ニーズ 50 Stick, 5 Copper Ingot, 5 Dodo Feather, String
スタック できる (99)
"Ranged weapon."

Copper Bow & Arrows are a weapon used for ranged attacks. It is weaker than hand attacks (taking about twice as many strokes in most cases), and has a maximum range (if the target is out of range, a Blockhead will move closer before firing) as well as wears down with each shot. The arrows cannot miss, but it does provoke attacks from hostile creatures such as dropbears.

When an arrow successfully despawns (kills) a target, any dropped items/bonuses will jump from where the target was to the Blockhead that fired the arrow.

A copper bow & arrows will last for 100 shots.


It can be crafted on a level 2 ツール Bench|tool bench from 50 sticks, 5 copper ingots, 5 dodo feathers, and 1 string.

Copper Bow & Arrows
場所 素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 作成後のアイテム
Lvl. 2 :カテゴリ:ツール Stick Icon + 40px + 40px + 40px = 40px
Stick Copper Ingot Dodo Feather String Copper Bow & Arrows
数量 50 5 5 1 1
6 タイムクリスタル
3 タイムクリスタル