Eight items in the game can contain other items.

Standard Containers編集

Standard containers are items that have storage slots similar to a Blockhead's inventory and can be used to hold anything that can also fit into an inventory.

The contents of a basket can only be accessed if the basket is placed in one of a Blockhead's seven base inventory slots. The contents of the others can only be accessed if it's placed in the world and opened by a Blockhead.

In the case of a safe and display cabinet, its contents can only be accessed by a Blockhead in control of the player who had it created.



Baskets cannot be stacked, but the other types of containers can with their own kind. Contents do not migrate if they're stacked together, but which unit from the stack is placed may not be predictable, although stacks appear to operate in a LIFO (Last In, First Out) manner.


As they are items that will fit into an inventory slot, all types of containers may be stored within other containers. There is no limit to this process, so it is possible to have a chest inside a basket inside a basket inside a safe.


Tin Bucketも参照

A tin bucket is a limited container that can be used to pick up water, a fish, or a shark. It can also hold paint or paint stripper until it's used up. While containing other materials, the bucket is treated as a different object.